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Which is the best fitness equipment brand in China?

H-FITNESS is indeed a well-received fitness equipment brand in China. H-FITNESS is known for its quality and durability, and with its good reputation and positive customer feedback, it is often considered one of the best fitness equipment in China.

Why is H-FITNESS considered the best Option for commercial gyms?

H-FITNESS is a leader in commercial gym equipment for several reasons, we offer a comprehensive selection of exercise-type equipment to meet a variety of fitness goals and preferences. Whether you focus on strength training, aerobics, or overall fitness, H-FITNESS can provide a variety of machines, such as treadmills, elliptical machines, weight benches, etc., and even LED lighting fixtures and rubber floor mats used in gym decoration. Shower closets, etc., it’s all about making your gym an extraordinary experience for your customers to help you retain more customers. H-FITNESS is known for its commitment to quality. Using durable materials and advanced engineering, these products are built to last.

Where is your fitness equipment manufacturing factory in China and can I visit it?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our commercial fitness equipment factory and showroom. Many customers feel that the trip is worthwhile after testing our products with their own hands. They did not expect to find such excellent fitness equipment in China, which is professional, high-quality, and without any hassle. It is inferior to top international brands such as HOIST and TORQUE.

What is the most popular fitness equipment style?

As a famous fitness equipment brand in China, H-FITNESS provides various fitness equipment to gyms worldwide, aiming to meet different needs. H-FITNESS has gained many loyal users among fitness enthusiasts and gym owners; due to its commitment to providing durable and innovative products to meet the diverse needs of customers.
It’s hard to say which machine is the most popular one, but we suggest the plate-loaded strength training equipment for most commercial gyms dual to the low cost of maintenance.

How long does it take from the time I place an order until I get the goods?

The entire process may take only 2-3 weeks at the fastest and 3 months at the longest; this mainly depends on two aspects.
1) Production time: During the peak season (such as May-July, October-December), a 40-foot container may take 45 days to be ready; while in the off-season, it may only take 3 weeks;
2) For your location, if you are in South Korea, the ship usually arrives within 3 days. If you are in Europe, it may take more than 40 days. If you are in South America, the fastest ship will take more than a month, and the cheaper ship may take 70 days to arrive.

I'm short on budget, but I'd love to open a gym. Do you accept installments?

We are very sorry that we do not provide this service for the time being. We suggest you find the best place for your gym to make a beautiful business plan and then look for partners or investors, who will solve this problem for you.

How long the quantity warranty period is ?

Depending on the type of product, the warranty period ranges from 3 months to 3 years. For example, we provide a 3-year warranty for the frame of the strength training device but only provide a 1-year free warranty service for the pulleys and wire ropes above.

Can I use my forwarder?

Of course, before you pay, please ask your freight forwarder to contact us. We need to confirm the customs declaration process and related fees with them in advance. If their process is OK and the fees are within a reasonable range, we will notify you. Pay the advance payment; assuming your freight forwarder charges higher than other freight forwarders, we will update the PI for you.

what else do I have to pay in addition to the purchase of gym equipment?

yes, besides the cargo cost, you have to pay for the shipping cost, import duty, VAT/GST tax, forwarder service fee, dock/port charges, etc. we will offer you a full budget list if you contact us.

What are your advantages compared with other peers?

The raw materials we use meet the standard, and there are no cost savings in invisible places.
We use state-of-the-art laser cutting machines and welding robots, as well as dedicated quality control specialists to inspect product quality.
Most of our products are packed in cartons, and the paint will not fall off due to collision during transportation;